Shortly after I started going to Africa 20 yrs ago, my dream was to bring people on safari and share the magic of that place. I chose my nom de web, Safariguy, and started out on this thing called the internet. I never let go of the dream or the domain name, and when this opportunity to go to Africa with groups of new and old friends came back around to me, I resurrected the Safariguy website.

I’ve been to Africa 12 times, which translates to months of exploring and photographing the magnificent and magical Dark Continent! I decided that it was finally time to couple all of that experience with a decade of experience teaching photography workshops. Joining me on safari is the next best thing to traveling with a local. But don’t worry, I’ve always hire some of the finest guides and trackers in all of Africa to make sure we see and photograph as much as we possibly can! More importantly, I hire the guides just for our group! We travel in style and comfort in our open-top safari vehicles. Here’s the best part, you’ll have the ultimate photographic access because each of you will have an entire row for yourself!

I write another blog that has some reviews and tips as well as a lot more of my photography. If you’d like to find that, it’s pretty simple,

I lead a lot more workshops and tours and you can find those on my wildlife, nature and creative photography workshops site,

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