I bought the Gura Gear Kiboko 22L about a year ago, and I’ll sum this up in one short phrase, “I love it!” I can’t imagine how many bags I have bought over the years, but it is a lot. They have all had their good points, but none of them lasted that long because a fatal flaw of some sort would always rear its ugly head. After living with this bag for a year, I don’t have any urge to replace it!.

For me, the killer feature is that it is international airline compliant and, in fact, the bag does fit in the overhead of many of the small regional jets. You’ll likely have to argue with the gate agents to get it on board, but unless you’ve got it overstuffed somehow, it’ll fit. This bag is pretty small, and yet it holds a ton of stuff including my 500mm F4! If you are looking for a well made, affordable, high capacity bag, I think you’ve found it with Gura Gear Kiboko 22L.

Gura Gear Kiboko Overview

I thought I would let Gura Gear tell you about their bags design

My Camera Gear

These are the things that I carry on my normal photography trips;

  • Nikon D750 w/L-Bracket
  • Nikon 16-35mm
  • Nikon 200mm Macro
  • Nikon 80-400mm
  • Nikon 500mm
  • Nikon 1.4 Teleconverter
  • Various Filters and Card Holders

You can see how my gear fits in these images. When I don’t have to take the 500mm, I put all of the chargers and things like that in the backpack rather than in my other small carry on bag.

Gura Gear Kiboko 22L with camera body and 3 lenses

Kiboko 22L with all of my camera bodies and lenses.

Gura Gear Kiboko 22L with the Nikon 500mm in the right side compartment.

Kiboko 22L with the Nikon 500mm

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