There have been many safari inspirations for me, but the Tarzan movies were huge. The Johnny Weismuller Tarzan movies are still vivid in my mind; I confess that I still watch them on late night TV. My brother and I had ceramic gorilla banks, and we would sit in front of the TV watching the Tarzan movies with our ape friends! I’m sure mom would have preferred that we were outside while tirelessly practicing our Tarzan calls.

I absorbed the Tarzan movies and books with glee, and they fueled my imagination and desire to go to Africa. I am sure that I have now seen all 52 Tarzan movies, and I am just as excited today as I was when I was five that number 53 isn’t that far away!

Tarzan Movie Posters

How many have you seen?

My safari fantasies where further enhanced by watching the pulp moves of the 1950s. Motion pictures like King Solomon’s Mines, The Last Safari and Mogambo. I still think that we should dress for safari the way they did in those movies, in my mind’s eye I still do. Stewart Granger’s safari style was on point!

promotiional image of Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr in perfect safari style from The Last Safari

Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr in perfect safari style

The movie that forever sealed Africa in my heart was Hatari! John Wayne was my hero and to see his adventures on safari was mind meltingly cool! There isn’t one ridiculous moment in that movie that I don’t love. I am humming Henry Mancini’s score while I am typing this paragraph!

I could go on and on about the movies that inspired my love of Africa, and I will share some more in a future post. Let’s talk about your favorite safari inspirations from the movies. Leave me a comment and share your favorites.