Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs are the rocks stars of the feline world, but the Caracal is an incredible, big, small cat! The Caracal’s name comes from the Turkish word, “karakulak”, which translates to “black ear”. They are prodigious hunters and can leap 10-12 feet in the air. At the turn of the century, they were trained to hunt for the noble class. They would see who had the best hunter by releasing the cats in an arena with a flock of pigeons, and a Caracal can knock down a dozen birds at a time! The expression, “to put a cat among the birds” originated from these games.

When you see a Caracal, the first thing you notice are the tall ear tufts, and you may also assume, they are in the lynx family, but they are not. The Serval and African Golden Cat are the closest relatives of the Caracal. It is a common mistake, and the Caracal has also gone by the name African Lynx and Desert Lynx.

  • Weight – Up to 40lbs (18Kg)
  • Height – 16in (40 cm) at the shoulder
  • Eyes dilate to circles, not slits
  • Voice – Can purr, hiss, snarl, bark and growl
  • take down prey 2 to 3 times larger
  • between 1 and 4 kittens

Cute Alert – Baby Caracals

I’ve never had the thrill of seeing a wild Caracal. During my upcoming safari I will be in Caracal territory so, stay tuned and with some luck, I’ll be able to share my Caracal stories with you.

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