This elephant video is incredible, leaving little doubt that elephants are the coolest animals on the planet! WOW!

Elephants really are amazing animals, and it seems like they do something to remind us of that all of the time. For example, this herd of elephants continued to use “their” path to a favorite mango tree…despite the fact that a safari lodge had now occupied the trail! The elephant herd matriarch who is named “Wonky Tusk” (duh) led her family comprised of both young and old elephants through the lodge and out to feed on the ripe fruit. She even brought the baby! I’ve been walking with elephants in Africa and the only time I was ever nervous was when there were babies…and we were 50 yards away, not 5 feet! I’ve watched this video twice and still cannot believe it.

Several things jump out as amazing:

  • They ignore the staff and guests
  • They have not broken anything
  • They are calm enough to nap
  • They brought a 2-week old calf

Does this story remind anyone else of the classic movie, Elephant Walk? Fortunately for everyone the modern version ending is much better! Although young Elizabeth Taylor! 🙂

Elephant Walk
Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Finch, and Dana Andrews star in this action-packed drama set in Ceylon. Taylor plays a newlywed who accompanies Finch to his sprawling tea plantation called Elephant Walk…and falls for overseer Andrews. But this love triangle is soon dwarfed by other events. A cholera epidemic breaks out, drought blights the land and herds of thirst-maddened elephants devastate the plantation in a thundering stampede. This famed sequence is a triumph of moviemaking. The palatial “bungalow” is reduced to rubble as onrushing elephants pound across polished floors, rip walls from their foundations and knock over kerosene drums to ignite a terrifying inferno. You have to see it to believe it!

I’ve included another elephant book that you might enjoy as it goes well with this ridiculous video. As always all proceeds from these books will be donated to elephant conservation.