Category: Wildlife Spotlight

Amazing Family Bonds of Elephants

As I get ready to visit the Sheldrick and my adopted baby elephant, I saw their video about this elephant baby. Wendi is one of the elephants who’s life was saved by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and she just brought her new wild born baby back to “her” family! When I read the story of Wendi, it reminded me of my image. The elephant family that I photographed (above) was in South Africa and it was the most adorable siting. None of the elephants could resist fussing over the wee little newborn! And I could not resist snapping image after image either!

Elephant Mock Charges the Safariguy

Since I was a little kid, I’ve loved elephants, and now that I am a big kid and have seen wild elephants, I am no less enamored. I promise to write about more than just elephants, but they are my favorite, and so I really can’t help myself!

I made this video on iMovie 5 yrs ago and was considering updating it, but then it I felt like it still worked pretty well. Some of the images are film scans, and the footage is all handheld, but I think you will enjoy it. Do wait for the closing scene of the video to see what is was like when we were mock charged by a young bull elephant in musth.