Adorable, Cute, Precocious, Hilarious all come to mind while watching this baby elephant repeatedly charge a safari vehicle. If this doesn’t make you smile, perhaps it is because it’s video and not live. I can try to help solve that problem on one of my African Safaris. I’ve been fortunate to seem little ones, but not so fortunate as to be charged by the wee little things! I’ll save my close encounters with the pachyderm kind for another day.

About Baby Elephants

  • Gestation is 22 months
  • At birth they are 250lbs and 3 ft tall
  • Nurse for 24 months on 3 gallons of milk a day
  • Suck on their trunks like humans suck on their thumbs
  • It takes at least 12 months to use their trunks with some skill


Baby Elephant Photos

We found this breeding herd in Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa. It was quite a sighting with the matriarch and her 3 offspring including one that was just a week or so old.

Matriarch elephant and her 3 off spring Pilanesberg National Park photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Elephant family unit. Mother and her three offspring

Baby elephant under the feet of her mother and siblings photographed by Jeff Wendorff Pilanesberg South Africa

Baby elephant under the feet of her mother and siblings

2 week old tiny baby elephant following behind it's mother photographed by Jeff Wendorff

Baby elephant following it’s mother