Author: Safariguy

I’ve been to Africa 12 times, which translates to months of exploring and photographing the magnificent and magical Dark Continent! Joining me on safari is the next best thing to traveling with a local.

Charging Your Gear on Safari

Thoughts on Charging – Not the elephant kind!

All of the camps that we are visiting are very proud of their minimal footprint on the environment. This concern is the primary reason for the minimal use of anything that may require the use of fossil fuel like generators for the camp.

Safari Gear – Binoculars

In all of my trips to Africa, I have only taken binoculars a hand full of times. I am a photographer after all and not a viewer and just didn’t bother with bringing them. On my last safari, my eyes were opened to the benefits of bringing binoculars. It’s obvious, you see more, much more; duh!