Month: September 2015

Review – Watson Duo Charger

The Watson Duo Camera Battery Charger has been a game changer for me and I’m so happy to have it in my camera bag. When I bought my Nikon D750, I was kind of bummed that the included battery charger was a rather lame single battery charger. So I went shopping and found the Watson. Let me tell you about it…

Baby Elephant Charge is to Cute

Adorable, Cute, Precocious, Hilarious all come to mind while watching this baby elephant repeatedly charge a safari vehicle. If this doesn’t make you smile, perhaps it is because it’s video and not live. I can try to help solve that problem on one of my African Safaris. I’ve been fortunate to seem little ones, but not so fortunate as to be charged by the wee little things! I’ll save my close encounters with the pachyderm kind for another day.

Elephants Walk Through Safari Lodge

This elephant video is incredible, leaving little doubt that elephants are the coolest animals on the planet! WOW!

Elephants really are amazing animals, and it seems like they do something to remind us of that all of the time. For example, this herd of elephants continued to use “their” path to a favorite mango tree…despite the fact that a safari lodge had now occupied the trail! The elephant herd matriarch who is named “Wonky Tusk” (duh) led her family comprised of both young and old elephants through the lodge and out to feed on the ripe fruit. She even brought the baby! I’ve been walking with elephants in Africa and the only time I was ever nervous was when there were babies…and we were 50 yards away, not 5 feet! I’ve watched this video twice and still cannot believe it.